This is just one of the principles that Stephanie leads her life, family, and business with to create effectiveness.


"This program absolutely changed the way I look at fitness. No longer is my physical health something out of reach, but instead something tangible that I can feel and see improving with every single session."

Coaching with Stephanie

Below you will find the coaching programs that Stephanie currently offers. If you have any questions she would be happy to discuss! Just fill out the contact form!

Coaching Package


You'll Receive

  • This process is a Lifestyle Coaching Process; (Fit mind, Fit body, Fit Spirit). A completed Healthy Lifestyle and Coaching Questionnaire and Waiver are required before our first session.
  • Consistency and Discipline that you will stick to the program
  • A copy of Stephanie’s book and action book; “On A Fast Track With God” Spiritual Fitness through Perseverance. (“Its good to have a fit body and it’s better to have a fit mind controlling a fit body. But it’s best to have a fit spirit leading a fit mind and body). Also a copy of Fit Mind, Fit Body and Fit Spirit
  • Personal journal for assignments, and mindset journaling
  • Access to Private Facebook pages (Any of my online virtual challenges that I do whether its a 7-day, 21 day, 30 day challenge is included in this package at no additional charge to you (optional)
  • Local participants will have access to online membership and in person workouts
  • The Fit Body Complete Nutritional Meal Planning Guide (nutrition adjusted as needed)
  • Healthy Planning Booklet with FIT Recipes, FIT Snacks, FIT Body Workouts, FIT Mind Motivation, etc.
  • 24-Hour access to Anytime Fitness Olathe during the course of the 90-days.
  • Personal Training and Coaching sessions.
  • Access to Home Website Workouts and Weekly Motivation and Accountability
  • Weigh in and Measurements (keeps you on track)
  • Body Fat testing 1x a month or every 2 weeks (we will adjust accordingly)
  • Access to a nutritional line of products available to you. This is an option you can incorporate into your daily lifestyle for your health goals with meals, snacks, drinks and supplement options.
  • Workouts provided are yours for life, you can do them your own at home and at a gym.
  • Food log on a weekly basis is required (depending on health goals it is required)
  • Nutrition (Meal Prep) portion control containers kit to keep your food portioned out on a daily basis “80% of what we look like physically is nutrition, 20% is the workout”! Portion control is key!
  • 90-Day Commitment to the process. A non refundable 50% deposit ($448.50) is required. The remaining is due mid term. NOTE: This is a commitment and creating a lifestyle change and not a temporary fix!

NOTE: Once you complete the 90 days of weekly coaching, there is a monthly additional coaching and accountability that is available. Must complete the 90 days first to qualify for the monthly additional coaching. Price TBD at that time!

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Personal Training and/or
Nutrition Program


You'll Receive

  • 1st Session: 90-Minute Nutrition and/or Personal Training assessment.
  • PERSONAL TRAININGā€ØSESSION PRICES 1 Session – $65 5 Sessions – $275 ($55 per session) 10 Sessions – $500 ($50 per session) 20 Sessions – $900 ($45 per session)Ongoing 60-Minute weekly individual personal training or nutritional sessions (see packages to the right to purchase additional personal training and nutrition sessions)
  • Healthy lifestyle questionnaire and waiver
  • Ongoing Weight and Measurements
  • Body Fat testing
  • Motivation Accountability and Life Coaching
  • Workouts or Nutrition plans are yours to keep
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Fit Mind • Fit Body • Fit Spirit

It's good to have a fit body. And it's better to have a fit mind controlling a fit body. But it's best to have a fit spirit leading a fit mind and body.

As a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach along with assisting people with Lifestyle Accountability, Stephanie is passionate about helping people transform every part of who they are. This is what she calls “developing a fit mind, fit body and fit spirit.” Stephanie coaches people toward creating a healthy lifestyle, which frees them to pursue their dreams, passions, and goals.