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Transformation Comes Through Renewing Your Mind!

This is just one of the principles that Bryan leads his life, family, and business with to create effectiveness.


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Group intensives are a dynamic catalyst for personal and collective growth. As individuals come together with shared goals the potential is unlimited!


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"Bryan has the gift of gentle encouragement but isn’t afraid to challenge you to something greater. If you are willing to be open and honest with yourself and him and are truly ready for life change, connecting with Bryan is a must." - Phil M.

Bryan's Unique Approach to Freedom

Bryan has been in the counseling and coaching industry for over 20 years and has a passion to impact and influence people! The following videos will allow you to gain some insight into the approach that Bryan has to working with people. Whether it is an individual or a group of people, Bryan will communicate a timely message that inspires growth!

Bryan redefines group experiences with his comfortable and passionate approach to freedom and growth. With his ability to assist with compassion and warmth, combined with a strong, diverse professional experience, Bryan is able to bring an informative, insightful, and memorable experience that produces growth!

Individuals experiencing his philosophy say he demonstrates energy, passion and expertise. He is committed to seeing people reach a potential that takes them to the next level of performance whether it is in the personal or professional arena.

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Renewing Your Mind

Below is a collection of videos that challenges people to renew their mind in order create the desired growth and freedom in their life. When we renew our mind by focusing on Biblical Truth we will experience the true freedom that scripture promises.

Renewing Your Mind

Part 1: Thought Patterns Exposed

Renewing Your Mind

Part 2: Thought Traps Unraveling Mental Roadblocks

Renewing Your Mind

Part 3: The "I Am" of Identity

Renewing Your Mind

Part 4: The Role of the Fruits of the Spirit

Intensive Workshops

Intensive workshops are an amazing way to look at the way challenges impact your life. A whole new level of awareness takes place when you immerse yourself into a group environment with the intention of growth.


Intensive programs that help individuals and couples examine their past and overcome underlying issues. Find the right intensive for you!


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If you are stuck in a cycle of shame and guilt that causes emotional instability and dysfunctional behaviors, this is the intensive for you!


Immerse yourself into a group environment with the intention of growth and awareness. These 3-day events and are full of growth opportunities!

Doug S.

"Bryan and his team change lives. I was blessed with a gift to attend a group session which had an immediate impact on each of us. I would suggest his services to anyone as the tools provided will make you a better spouse, parent, child and person."

Kelly R.

"I recommend Bryan and Stephanie because they have a genuine heart for helping others. They are authentic and loving people that anyone would be blessed to know!"

Eric H.

"Bryan brings a well-balanced approach to his work, whether as a counselor, coach, or marriage speaker with his wife. I have recommended him for years and count him as a great resource and friend."

Amy Z.

"Bryan’s intentionality is about helping people become the best version of themselves."