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Bryan and Stephanie are passionate about inspiring, motivating and encouraging people on their journey toward wholeness in Christ!

A Whole New Level of Effectiveness

No matter what area of your life needs encouragement and motivation we want you to succeed.

Daily Habits

It takes 40-Days for a New Beginning! A FIT MIND impacts your entire life from family to work to health! Creating a FIT Lifestyle requires you to take the time to understand how you think and how those thoughts impact your everyday life! Our THOUGHTS produce ACTION, which then produces RESULTS. Get ready to be motivated to create the discipline and accountability in your life to move past the stinkin’ thinkin’ that has a tendency to creep in and corrupts out life!

FIT Mind

Self Care

Feeding your body with what it needs to be it’s best! A FIT BODY doesn’t happen by accident! 80% of the way that you look is the nutrition that goes into your mouth! 20% is the physical exercise that you participate in! It is very important to spend intentional time understanding the foods that your body needs to get the desired results! A FIT BODY is not a FAD diet but a FIT Lifestyle of Healthy Tips and recipes to make your life easier…and to get the results that you desire to live a healthy and full life!

FIT Body

Spiritually Sound

Being Spiritually Sound means daily reflecting on your relationship with Jesus! A FIT SPIRIT is much more than being “religious” or going to “church”! God created each you with a special purpose in mind. We believe that when you start connecting with that purpose the other areas of your life have a tendency to fall into place! We will provide some reflection on how to incorporate Spirituality from a Christian perspective into your everyday to move yourself into a place where God shows up!

FIT Spirit

Having a FIT Lifestyle Includes Having a FIT Marriage

A marriage is something that we need to be intentional about. If intentionality is not taken in regard to growing the marriage, trouble can occur. Bryan and Stephanie are passionate about Building Marriages to Last. Find out more information about the resources that can help couples like you to build a Christ-centered marriage.

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Stephanie has been promoting a healthy Fit Lifestyle most of her life. Her passion is to motivate and encourage others through creating a Fit Body with fitness and nutrition. Join her for coaching or virtual classes and start moving toward your fitness goals.


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Bryan has overcome many barriers of the Mind, Body and Spirit. He believes that everyone has the ability to grow Mentally, Emotional, Physically and Spiritually! It's time to stretch yourself and move toward a Fit Lifestyle that inspires change in your life!


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